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Site maintenance
Over the last weeks I have implemented various improvements to this site. I have been saving them for a single write-up, because I want to keep the volume of meta-posts low, lest this become another blog about blogging and how I would want to write more next year. First up is tags. Some blog posts get one or more tags, and I can now give you an overview of all my posts about doom, for example. I did this first to pave the way for another thing I wanted to do. I have now reposted my x86-64 assemb… Continue reading
I'm experimentally adding a blog to this site. In this post, I'll introduce the blog and discuss some specifics about how the blog and site in general is technically put together. I used to write a bit on Google+, but it is neither a good blogging platform nor a good social platform, so I have given up on that. Writing blog posts on this site is technically superior, and I suspect I will get a bigger audience posting them on Twitter than I got on Google+. What A lot of people will recognize this… Continue reading