I've been working on Sausagewiki for a while now, but I have only recently discovered how best to enable prolific linking between articles. I have now made it possible to link to an article by just writing its title in square brackets inline in the text; I like [pie], I like [cake]. This is a bit of a lucky combination of an extension to Markdown and the way URLs are generated for articles in Sausagewiki. Let's look at the URLs first. When designing the URL generation mechanism, I had some goals… Continue reading
Wwwwayland sucks
Wayland sucks. I'm sure that it's not Wayland that sucks, but running Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome-wayland is inferior to gnome-x11 in multiple surprising ways, and better in only a few. I've been using gnome-wayland now for about a month, since upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04, and I'm about ready to switch back. The good: In Wayland, I am allowed to switch workspaces with a four-finger swipe on the trackpad. I'm using a MacBook Pro, so my trackpad is actually good, and I've been missing this in X11. With… Continue reading
System(d) upgrade
I have recently updated a server of mine from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS. As usual, it was a bumpy ride. The upgrade stopped half-way through with my system in a stupid state, and I had to figure out how to fix things so that apt would be able to continue the process. I don't understand why this keeps happening when the resolutions are so daft. This time it amounted to removing a good deal of packages with dpkg. I don't understand how it is valuable that I do this myself – it's not as if I kn… Continue reading
I'm experimentally adding a blog to this site. In this post, I'll introduce the blog and discuss some specifics about how the blog and site in general is technically put together. I used to write a bit on Google+, but it is neither a good blogging platform nor a good social platform, so I have given up on that. Writing blog posts on this site is technically superior, and I suspect I will get a bigger audience posting them on Twitter than I got on Google+. What A lot of people will recognize this… Continue reading
Actually getting started with Portable Native Client
This post was originally a featured article on the front page. I thought the technology looked fun and promising, and I wanted to keep up with it. It is clear, however, that the winner in this space is WASM, and PNaCl is just a failed experiment. While blog posts can go out of date and be kept for posterity, this is not what I want the fetaured articles on my front page to be like, so I relegated this text to the blog on 2019-09-09. We will develop a minimal PNaCl module with a focus on exposin… Continue reading