Sprites in Doom are stored in a custom format, tailor made for the rendering engine and in a sense even for the final output medium. It has taken me a while to implement support for this format in wad-gfx (formerly doom-gfx), not because of any complexity in the format, but because I had a hard time figuring out how to most faithfully represent the source data in a normal contemporary image file format. Anamorphic pixels If you were into computers back when Doom was released, it is not unlikely … Continue reading
Of the different image formats in Doom, flats are the simplest. Now, all images in Doom are flat, but flats are what they decided to call the textures that go on the floors and ceilings. I'll save the wall textures and sprites for another time. Flats have predefined dimensions of 64 by 64 pixels. With 8 bits per pixel and no compression or other fancy encoding, this works out to 4096 bytes, and indeed all flats in doom.wad are 4096 bytes. The pattern is clear when looking at the entries between … Continue reading
I was gifted the Game Engine Black Book DOOM for Christmas, to my great pleasure. It will let me finally satisfy the curiosity that has been lingering in me since '93. And I suspect it is not entirely without some expectation that I get this book now, after having recreated the rendering engine from Wolfenstein 3D in a live-coding session at RevolverConf 2018.1. My primary goal here is to implement a rendering engine of the same kind that Doom sports. But I should note that this will be for my e… Continue reading
I've been working on Sausagewiki for a while now, but I have only recently discovered how best to enable prolific linking between articles. I have now made it possible to link to an article by just writing its title in square brackets inline in the text; I like [pie], I like [cake]. This is a bit of a lucky combination of an extension to Markdown and the way URLs are generated for articles in Sausagewiki. Let's look at the URLs first. When designing the URL generation mechanism, I had some goals… Continue reading
Wwwwayland sucks
Wayland sucks. I'm sure that it's not Wayland that sucks, but running Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome-wayland is inferior to gnome-x11 in multiple surprising ways, and better in only a few. I've been using gnome-wayland now for about a month, since upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04, and I'm about ready to switch back. The good: In Wayland, I am allowed to switch workspaces with a four-finger swipe on the trackpad. I'm using a MacBook Pro, so my trackpad is actually good, and I've been missing this in X11. With… Continue reading