Magnus Hovland Hoff

Assorted stuff I've made


Hexagonal train game
I'm dreaming of a train game inspired by OpenTTD, a game I have spent the typical "too many hours" playing. I obviously enjoy it a lot, but there are nevertheless some annoyances that would be nice to fix. So I have spent a lot of time designing a new game in my mind that fixes everything and is so much better. Maybe. The only way to know… Continue reading
Writing dependency-free JavaScript
Lately, I have been working on a web application, pixu.rs1, that, while small, includes an interactive form with image uploading and multiple phases. This is exactly the kind of thing I tend to turn into a mess when I'm not using React, Redux and everything that comes with that ecosystem, but small enough that I hesitate to bring in the big guns. F… Continue reading
Site maintenance
Over the last weeks I have implemented various improvements to this site. I have been saving them for a single write-up, because I want to keep the volume of meta-posts low, lest this become another blog about blogging and how I would want to write more next year. First up is tags. Some blog posts get one or more tags, and I can now give you an ove… Continue reading