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Site maintenance
Over the last weeks I have implemented various improvements to this site. I have been saving them for a single write-up, because I want to keep the volume of meta-posts low, lest this become another blog about blogging and how I would want to write more next year. First up is tags. Some blog posts get one or more tags, and I can now give you an ove… Continue reading
Kick the Bitbucket
On June 1, Atlassian will indiscriminately delete all Mercurial repositories from Bitbucket, becoming another Git-only site. In the beginning, Bitbucket exclusively supported Mercurial, so this change is unexpected to say the least. In addition to supporting Mercurial, the main distinguishing feature that kept me using Bitbucket was its generous of… Continue reading
BSP rendering in Doom
I gave a talk on the Doom rendering engine at RevolverConf 2019.2. It is a big topic, so I had to narrow down the scope. I chose to talk about the binary space partitioning (BSP) rendering algorithm. This was the core innovation in Doom which enabled it to run smoothly on ancient hardware and it is still an important algorithm in rendering engines.… Continue reading